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Frances Snowden

31 July 2018

School fundraising: making it happen

With such pressure on school budgets, school fundraising and the support of PTAs is ever more essential. Yet when the funding required is substantial there's a risk of children and supporters working really hard to raise funds, and barely denting the target. People's enthusiasm diminishes, and pupils realise that they may leave before the goal is reached, and never enjoy…
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31 July 2018

Auckland Castle Trust

Auckland Castle is one of the UK’s most important historical buildings. In 2012 the Castle and its contents passed into the care of the Auckland Castle Trust, whose aim is to transform the palace from an unknown and almost unvisited private dwelling into a vibrant heritage attraction.
ConservationResearch & Think Tanks
31 July 2018

Global Canopy

Funding environmental projects can be complex, owing to the many conflicting views on environmental issues, and because of the cross-border nature of many projects. It was fascinating to work with Global Canopy as they planned for the future and how they might increase funding for their pioneering environmental work. Global Canopy has a unique approach, however, which is attractive to…
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31 July 2018

Odysseus Unbound Foundation

We have been delighted to work with the trustees of Odysseus Unbound for some time, on fundraising research and grant applications to support, in turn, their archaeological and geoscientific work. Fundraising research has focussed on grantmakers in Europe and further abroad, with a demonstrable interest in Greece and the classics. About the foundation and their work I am Odysseus, Laertes’…
Housing & Community
31 July 2018

Bay Search and Rescue

Morecambe Bay is the UK’s largest expanse of mudflats and sand, reaching from Barrow-in-Furness to Fleetwood. Surrounded by saltmarshes and estuaries, it is beautiful but deadly: there are large areas of quicksand which move day to day, and water can move in at over 10mph over the miles of bay. BS&R was formed to develop the right capabilities to rescue…
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31 July 2018

Foundation for Common Land

We began working with the Foundation for Common Land to help them secure the match funding for a £2.7m National Lottery Heritage Funded project to support Common Land*. This was an ambitious heritage and environmental scheme, taking place in several locations, with a need for substantial match funding support from partners, trusts and foundations. Our Common Cause, the project in…
20 July 2018

Trust fundraising supports Early Care

We worked with Early Care Foundation to research and secure additional resource via trust fundraising in the UK. The foundation was aware of a major need for its work but needed additional funds to expand. With political turmoil in South Africa and decreasing donations available, Early Care chose to work with us to fundraise in the UK for the first…
Research & Think Tanks
24 June 2018

Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS)

The Institute for Fiscal Studies is Britain's leading independent microeconomic Think Tank, covering subjects from tax and benefits to education policy, from labour supply to corporate taxation. Its research not only has an impact on policy makers, think tanks and practitioners, it has also gained a worldwide reputation for academic excellence. Tarnside is delighted to be working with IFS as…
Arts & Heritage
22 June 2018

Octagon Theatre: Reimagined

The Octagon Theatre is Bolton's cultural heart, touching the lives of everyone in the town. It was built on local pride, fundraising, ambition and philanthropy, and opened in 1967 as the first new theatre to be built in the North West since World War 1. It has been bold since its beginning, supporting new and local writing, and working with…
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20 June 2018

Red Squirrel South West

Small conservation charities undertake fantastic projects all over the countryside, often overwhelmingly powered by volunteer support and passion for a shared cause. Sooner or later however many choose to scale up their plans and conservation charities need to secure funds to undertake a grander plan. Trust fundraising, in these cases, can provide straightforward and substantial funds for conservation work. Red…