Housing & Community Clients

Safe and comfortable homes and local services keep communities together and enhance local lives. We support charities which contribute to local life through sheltered or residential housing, search and rescue services, community foundations and almshouses, helping them fundraise effectively and continue to provide the support and care needed by the community.

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Housing & Community
22 May 2019

Abbeyfield Ballachulish

We've been lucky enough to work with Abbeyfield homes on several occasions and in several locations (including at Esk Moors and Ilkeley ), to support them as secure funding for residential care homes. It is great, therefore, to be working with Abbeyfield Ballachulish once more as they plan for the future. Abbeyfield homes like these play a vital role in…

Tarnside Case Studies

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Housing & Community
31 October 2018

A Community Foundation for Cheshire

Community Foundation charities help philanthropists invest in their communities where most needed; in 2010, Cheshire was the only English county without one. A common perception of Cheshire is that it’s a county full of expensive cars, champagne and luxury homes. However there is a less glamorous side: poverty, deprivation, isolation and loneliness. The Duke of Westminster initiated discussions and funded…
Housing & Community
31 July 2018

Bay Search and Rescue

Morecambe Bay is the UK’s largest expanse of mudflats and sand, reaching from Barrow-in-Furness to Fleetwood. Surrounded by saltmarshes and estuaries, it is beautiful but deadly: there are large areas of quicksand which move day to day, and water can move in at over 10mph over the miles of bay. BS&R was formed to develop the right capabilities to rescue…
ConservationHousing & Community
20 June 2018

Red Squirrel South West

Small conservation charities undertake fantastic projects all over the countryside, often overwhelmingly powered by volunteer support and passion for a shared cause. Sooner or later however many choose to scale up their plans and conservation charities need to secure funds to undertake a grander plan. Trust fundraising, in these cases, can provide straightforward and substantial funds for conservation work. Red…
Housing & Community
13 November 2017

King Edward VI Almshouses

King Edward VI Almshouses provide accommodation for individuals or couples, able to live independently, in housing need and living on a low income in the Saffron Walden area. The organisation has an impressively long history, having been founded by deed in 1400. Though no longer working exclusively with the 'lame, crooked, blind and bedridden', the Almshouses have played a vital…