Finchale Training College

A better world beyond the horizon

It’s one thing to have a comprehensive development plan for expansion, but quite another to recognise your cause’s true potential. When Tarnside conducted a fundraising feasibility study with Finchale Training College, the process highlighted Finchale’s unique offering and the opportunity to reposition itself in the marketplace.

A complete shift in thinking about the role of the college was the basis for a new strategic plan, facilitated by Tarnside. Its implementation increased Finchale’s financial and operational opportunities, fundraising potential, job satisfaction for staff and, not least, augmented the number of physically and mentally disabled people benefitting from specialist training not available at other colleges.

Beyond searching for and accessing funds for its expansion, Finchale Training College has established itself as a centre of excellence working with the most difficult group for any training provider. It is diversifying and taking on issues it would not previously have considered.