Coaching & Critical Friend


You might be in a new, more demanding role and need someone with whom you can think through new ideas, and who can challenge you and bring their experience to the table.

You might have found a really promising individual and placed them in a new role, but are aware that they will need support to fulfil their potential: coaching will support them as they develop new skills and confidence.

You might be at the top of your organisation and find yourself in an ‘echo chamber’, navigating challenges in a lonely top spot: it would be helpful to have someone to challenge you, someone external to the organisation who can ask hard questions and bring some perspective.

Coaching and Critical Friend work provides:

A new, external perspective on your organisation’s aims and strategies.

Open discussion, context and challenge on plans, methods and ideas with someone beyond the staff team or trustee body.

Regular conversations about your own development, or that of key members of staff, in the context of your organisation.