"Time spent in reconnaissance is seldom wasted", Field Marshal Bernard Montgomery, att.

Feasibility Review

A major campaign can offer much to a charity: the opportunity to create a new facility, to service better its beneficiaries, and to harness all the goodwill and support it has generated to date. Completed, it will leave the charity stronger, more effective, better networked and prepared for the future. There is much to gain, but a campaign that falters or fails to meet its target can leave an organisation exposed, with goodwill used up and too large a shortfall to fill.

Tarnside’s Feasibility Review is a structured process that interrogates plans for a major appeal, ensuring a charity is clear on what it needs to do to deliver a successful campaign. It answers the following questions:


Are the core messages compelling and persuasive?

The campaign’s ‘Case for Support’ needs to tell an irresistible story, backed up by unquestionable logic and figures. A no-holds-barred interrogation now highlights weaknesses: before a funder has the opportunity to.

Is there the money out there?

Thorough research of possible sources of funding assesses what’s out there, what kind of pledges the campaign must secure, and how much time it might take. Targets are crucial here: too often, charities secure lead gifts which are simply too small to underpin a campaign.

Who do we need on side?

To give a campaign the best chance of success it’s important to know how best to secure the attention of major prospects. Looking at the networks around a charity, Tarnside can propose who to involve early, and how they might open the right doors.

The outcome is a comprehensive Feasibility Review, with clear recommendations, comprehensive research and a proposed process for the appeal.

Tarnside's Step Change Workshop and Feasibility Review has given focus and a clear path ahead. Definitely worthwhile.

Julian HartleyChief Executive, Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust