We were delighted to work with Lake District Calvert Trust once more – this time on fundraising for a brain injury rehabilitation centre, Calvert Reconnections. Calvert Trust have always led the way in accessible adventure and this project promises to be truly pioneering in terms of how we help people recover from the life-chaning consequences of brain injury.

The fundraising for the brain injury rehabilitation centre set an ambitious target for the appeal withinin a compressed time-frame. Brain injury is a subject many funders and donors know little about, so a substantial challenge within the fundraising appeal was in presenting the case for the centre.

The development of the project involved a diverse group: clinicians, therapists, outdoor instructors, people with brain injuries, and neurologists. It asked potential supporters to back a new concept in brain injury rehabilitation, which had not to date been tried elsewhere. It’s a testament to the hard work and courage of all those at the Trust that the fundraising has been so successful, so swiftly.

Here is the rationale for the centre, in the Trust’s own words:

Brain injuries are devastating to people’s lives and abilities. New research shows that with the right rehabilitation the brain can continue to develop new neural pathways, bypassing damaged areas, and producing a greater long-term recovery than previously believed possible.

“Learning new skills, working with others, and physical exercise, are the key elements that form the core of the Lake District Calvert Trust’s exceptional work with disabled people.

“Now, in partnership with leading clinicians and academics, we are combining our expertise with the latest thinking in neuroscience; we plan to harness these components to support brain injury survivors in a new, ground-breaking residential centre.

“This intensive post-acute rehabilitation will transform the lives of people who are affected by this invisible and under-treated condition, whilst providing a replicable model for other organisations.

This is our second major fundraising campaign with Calvert Trust: just ten years or so ago we supported their Hydrotherapy Pool appeal. This was a big appeal to tranform their tired pool facilities into a state-of-the art water centre: a facility still in great demand today.