Fiscal Studies and Early Learning

By 1 February 2017News
ASHA Trust Trainees
Tarnside is delighted to be working with two new clients: worlds apart in location and focus, but occupied both with how people interact with their economies and how best markets and policy can support people.The Institute for Fiscal Studies is Britain’s foremost independent Think Tank. Stalwart of Radio 4 and the News at 10, it is a respected research institute and public referee. It’s aim is to promote effective economic and social policies by better understanding how policies affect individuals, families, businesses and the government’s finances. Day to day it acts as a much needed arbiter of truth, as politicians and media alike generate increasing noise and confusion. Its Green Budget reports, and election coverage leads the debate, whilst its excellent research impacts policy here and abroad.
ASHA Trust, in South Africa, develops much-needed Early Years care in Johannesburg’s poorest townships. In these communities, quality creches are a vital lifeline for poor children, offering safety, good food and a chance to learn and grow. Yet there are few spaces, and the women who offer informal childcare don’t have the skills nor resource to improve their settings. ASHA works with women to become professional child carers: they develop safe nurseries, access government support, and build their businesses. Children receive the care they need, and women become business owners, employers and community leaders. Women are able to benefit from their local economy, support children’s development, and drive change in their communities.