Funding in place for Bay Search & Rescue

By 5 February 2018News

Bay Search and Rescue is a volunteer-led emergency rescue service based in the Morecambe Bay area, saving lives in Cumbria and Lancashire. Its core funding comes from the local community, and from its charity shops. Tarnside worked with BS&R to help it secure major capital funding for its Hagglund vehicles. These tracked amphibious vehicles are the mainstay of its operations, rescuing people from the sands and playing a core role in major flooding incidents. We helped the charity express the wider national role they play which opened the door to funding from beyond the immediate region: really important to allow them to reach their target. Happily, they attracted significant funding from the Prince’s Countryside Fund as well as from major regional funders. A great result for a truly heroic team.

BS&R was developed to save people stranded on Morecambe Bay: a fast-moving and treacherous area of mudflats, where boats quickly become stranded and even ‘all terrain’ vehicles can sink in quicksand. Entirely volunteer-powered, it has grown into a real force for the community, working alone and alongside emergency services, army and coastguard. Its expertise is now called upon all over the North West, and it is one of the organisations listed as a ‘national asset’ with DEFRA for emergency scenarios. The team responds across the UK to extraordinary weather events (snowstorms, major floods and moorland fires) and challenging rescues in hostile environments (vehicle or helicopter crashes in remote areas for instance).

An extraordinary environment has given rise to an extraordinary service, now valued nationally for its unique abilities. We’re delighted to have helped them gain the funding they need and deserve.

Tarnside provided a professional fundraising service and secured our financial target within 6 months. External help found us new sources of funding and allowed us to focus on our core work.”

Gary Parsons, Founder and Commander, Bay Search and Rescue