A happy ending: work concludes with ASHA Trust, S.A.

By 31 January 2018News

An excellent conclusion to work with ASHA Trust: significant multi-year funding in place for an inspirational charity in South Africa. ASHA develops and facilitates early childhood development training programmes for under-skilled practitioners and owners of home-based crèches in South Africa’s poorest townships.

ASHA training equips ‘house mothers’ with the necessary skills to provide a stimulating educational environment, meet the nutritional needs of the children in their care and build a sustainable small business. ASHA also supports crèches to develop their facilities so they can register their ECD centres and access social development subsidies. The effect on communities is enormous: children get a good start to life; mothers can work or train, and crèches have a major economic effect.

Tarnside worked with ASHA to secure funding to enable them to make a significant expansion in new townships, where need is greatest, over the coming years. ASHA now has the resource to develop a new training centre which will develop 20 informal pre-schools each year, providing 800 children per annum with good food and early learning, and helping women 40 women each year to build sustainable small businesses, training and employing others. A deserved success for the hard working trainers and staff at ASHA, and for the women who step up and create these much-needed nurseries.

I have been fundraising for educational causes in South Africa for over 25 years now and watched as funding trends come and go. Keeping abreast of these to develop well targeted donor-specific proposals is a unique talent, honed over time and a scarce resource in in our modern world.

We were delighted then, when after being referred to Tarnside just over a year ago, ASHA had the good fortune of working with Frances. Since then we have been impressed by the accuracy of your ability to match donor and beneficiary organisation. Despite the need to work remotely, you in the UK and ourselves on the southern tip of Africa, the communication has been free flowing and responses always immediate. The well formulated proposals you’ve developed ensure that recipients receive highly accessible documents which logically set out the cause and benefits.

Throughout the process of identification through to communication with prospective donors we have felt consulted and supported. Thank you.

Deirdre Caulwell, ASHA Trust