We worked with the PTA at Heathbrook School recently on fundraising: they wanted to raise £130,000 to create a new astroturf at the school for pupils and the local community. The community around Heathbrook was in real need of better sporting facilities, and the school had space – but no funds – to build an astro pitch.

We were able to focus on fundraising from trusts and foundations, leaving the PTA team to lead on community fundraising and local engagement. As a result all the funding fell into place in time to start the build in the summer holidays. It’s terrific to see the pupils welcome the new facility on site: changing rooms arriving in these scenes, to great excitement!

PTA fundraising raises immense amounts each year to improve school facilities and to provide better experiences and services for pupils. This is a wonderful example of a PTA really pulling the community together to create a much-needed local facility.

If you are a member of a PTA or work in a school and wish to discuss how trust and foundation fundraising might help deliver a big project, please get in touch for a discussion. We have worked with schools and their PTAs on outdoor pool, hydro pool, bursary and sporting facility campaigns.

A common challenge with PTA fundraising is that, if you need a substantial sum of money, ‘chipping away’ with typical fundraising activities can mean painfully slow progress. It’s a lot of work and the target seems way off – pupils and  parents can see that they might not even see the project finishes whilst they’re still attending the school! In turn energy and committment diminishes and with it the inflow of money.

With PTA fundraising Trust and foundation grants can deliver the substantial awards that can really make the difference to an appeal: a grant for half the money required, or even a few pledges of £5-10,000 places the target in teach. The cake sales and sponsored runs then mean everyone can get involved, securing the final pennies to hit the target and make the project a reality.