Step Change Workshop

Today’s fundraising marketplace is more competitive than it’s ever been: demands for voluntary income have never been greater. In that challenging context, how does your organisation manage a successful step change in fundraising performance?

Tarnside’s Strategy Workshop is an intense and focussed project that centres on a facilitated conversation with a charity’s leadership, trustees, senior management and fundraising leaders. It helps organisations think through the key questions that determine performance:

Are all individuals aligned in their thinking?

Is the fundraising proposition clear and compelling?

Is there a clear fundraising strategy?

Are the critical messages aimed at potential funders – or at an internal audience?

Expert facilitation focuses the mind and helps bring participants to explicit agreement over fundraising messages. Our consultants bring experience of many other campaigns, helping guide strategy and adding a broader view of the fundraising ‘landscape’.

Participants leave enthusiastic about the changes ahead, having developed strategies to bring success. They share:

A realistic grasp of the challenge

An understanding of their place in the market

The importance of a structured approach

Agreement on the key fundraising propositions

The organisation will have developed a clear, agreed strategy based on logic and understanding. Key individuals will be aligned and committed to the plan, and keen to begin work. Tarnside delivers a written report setting out the points agreed and the next steps to take. In short, everything is in place to create a fundraising step change for the organisation.

Everyone went away buzzing at the end of the day. Trustees who I expected to be sceptical really embraced the theory and couldn’t wait to get started.

Anne Burtonformer Head of Fundraising, Beamish