Tarnside were delighted to support Abbeyfield in Esk Moors as they embarked upon an ambitious fundraising appeal to create a new residential home. Tarnside has worked with several community and housing clients as they tackle ambitous fundraising appeals: this short Case Study explores how consultancy support underpinned a successful appeal.

Country folk, in particular, prefer to stay put if they can

The Abbeyfield Esk Moors Society had an ambitious dream that older residents should be able to remain in the valley when unable to manage by themselves. With a site identified, planning consent and a £1m grant from the Housing Corporation, volunteers faced a timelimited objective to raise another £2.3m through a fundraising appeal. Jumble sales, coffee mornings and sponsored walks would not do the job alone.

Abbeyfield UK appointed Tarnside to help. The Chair of the Fundraising Committee describes how Tarnside, “led (us) with gentle advice, encouragement, stern reality checks and persuasion along the intricate path to raising financial support for our project. We were advised about the importance of explaining clearly what we wanted to do, how and why, to the people who would be most interested to hear.”

Within 18 months, £2.3m was identified and match funding secured for the appeal. Esk Moors Lodge, with its associated Bradbury Trust community centre for anyone over 18, is complete and open. Neighbours can stay put.

Tarnside’s Feasibility Reviews and Capital Appeal Workshops support charities as they tackle ambitious fundraising appeals: they ensure the fundamentals are in place and that the risk to the organisation is managed. Though ambitious fundraising appeals undoubtedly offer huge opportunity, they are financially and reputationally risky too. If you have a major appeal planned and would like to discuss options, please don’t hesistate to get in touch.