KOIS invest specialises in impact investment funds, investing capital in businesses and funds that generate a competitive financial return, as well as a positive impact on society and the environment. Clients are able to invest assets into funds which specialise in healthcare, affordable housing, enterprise development and other impact investment areas.

We believe that through enlightened management that awakens and develops the talents of our company, KOIS can become an inspiring leader in its field… Mission: To leverage our business skills, investment expertise and global networks to scale sustainable solutions responding to key societal issues that have the potential to generate lasting positive societal impact and deliver attractive financial returns“.

It’s fascinating to see new approaches to problems in deployment, and how the yield to beneficary and investor can be aligned. Increasingly charities and companies alike are considering innovative ways to finance and track development work, and KOIS have demonstrated some sure results. Philanthropists and charities are looking more to impact investment to maximise transparency and to ensure funds create the absolutely best possible return.

We worked alongside KOIS on research into charitable trust finance, to aid planning and development, and looked in particular at how the team might utilise their networks.