ASHA Trust works with home-based creches in disadvantaged communities in the Gauteng, North West and Mpumalanga provinces of South Africa. It trains the women who provide informal child care so they can create safe and educational creches for the under-fours. Quality nursery care is proven to be an effective safeguard against a childhood in poverty, leading to better health and educational outcomes – yet there is a severe shortage of Early Years childcare in South Africa. ASHA supports women as they build small nursery businesses and become professional carers: the children have a nurturing start to life, and the women become successful entrepreneurs.

Tarnside worked alongside ASHA as it made its first move into UK fundraising in order to support the expansion of its services in SA.

Tarnside Input

Trust Fundraising

…after being referred to Tarnside just over a year ago, ASHA had the good fortune of working with you. Since then we have been impressed by the accuracy of your ability to match donor and beneficiary organisation. Despite the need to work remotely, you in the UK and ourselves on the southern tip of Africa, the communication has been free flowing and responses always immediate. The well formulated proposals you've developed ensure that recipients receive highly accessible documents which logically set out the cause and benefits.

Deirdre Caulwell Director, ASHA Trust