It’s a pleasure to join AIM as Associate Suppliers, as consultants with extensive experience in museum fundraising.

AIM supports independent museums, galleries and heritage organisations across the UK, making their voice heard and supporting development and best practice. It’s a powerful voice for independent and often smaller organisations, ensuring policy-makers and funders are aware of what this sector achieves and needs. The sector itself is important to our heritage, local life and economy: some 1,200 independent museums attract 9m visitors, and contribute over £900m to the economy each year.

Tarnside works with independent galleries and heritage sites regularly on how museum fundraising can support them. We’re pleased to join this group and contribute to its network and development. Museums and galleries are often dependent on fundraising in various areas: within any given museum fundraising might support ongoing costs, the delivery of social programmes and the funding of major developments capital developments.

Challenges can lie in engaging meaningfully with potential major donors, and building a balanced fundraising portfolio that will serve all the museum’s various fundraising needs.