Great to hear a former client, Heathbrook School, contribute to this episode of Money Box on Radio 4. The programme featured a piece (around 19 minutes 35 into the show) on how PTA fundraising can transform school facilites.

Heathbrook is a great example of this: we worked some years ago with their passionate and hardworking PTA, who resolved to fund the astroturf the school needed, but which it couldn’t fund. Whilst the PTA worked hard to galvanise the school community, engage with local businesses and individuals (even ex Olympic athletes!), we focussed on the charitable trusts and foundations.

The result? Grants from Sport England, trusts and foundations ensured the appeal made swift progress. Instead of patiently fundraising for years, the appeal was complete within a year. The children who fundraised so enthusiastically saw the fruits of their sponsored baking and running swiftly, and the school and wider community have a terrific facility for good.