30 June 2019

Chester Zoo

We are delighted to be working with the dynamic fundraising team at Chester Zoo as they make future plans. Chester Zoo is the largest and most visited zoo in the UK. It is also an ambitious wildlife charity, funding and delivering work across the globe to fight extinction. Zoo fundraising is a developing field, with larger zoos operating as conservation…
ConservationResearch & Think Tanks
31 July 2018

Global Canopy

Funding environmental projects can be complex, owing to the many conflicting views on environmental issues, and because of the cross-border nature of many projects. It was fascinating to work with Global Canopy as they planned for the future and how they might increase funding for their pioneering environmental work. Global Canopy has a unique approach, however, which is attractive to…
ConservationResearch & Think Tanks
31 July 2018

Foundation for Common Land

We began working with the Foundation for Common Land in early 2019 to help them secure the match funding for a £2.7m National Lottery Heritage Funded project to support Common Land*. Our Common Cause, the project in question, is an ambitious heritage and environmental scheme, taking place in several locations across the couunty, aiming to make a substantial investment in…
ConservationHousing & Community
20 June 2018

Red Squirrel South West

Small conservation charities undertake fantastic projects all over the countryside, often overwhelmingly powered by volunteer support and passion for a shared cause. Sooner or later however many choose to scale up their plans and conservation charities need to secure funds to undertake a grander plan. Trust fundraising, in these cases, can provide straightforward and substantial funds for conservation work. Red…