30 June 2019

Chester Zoo

Chester Zoo is the largest and most visited zoo in the UK. It is also an ambitious wildlife charity, funding work across the globe to fight extinction. Act for Wildlife, the zoo's conservation fieldwork programme, works in six regions of the globe, with local partners, to protect endangered species and habitats. Amongst its many projects include 'Living with Tigers', which…
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31 July 2018

Global Canopy

We have already lost half the world's rainforests, and deforestation continues at a horrifying pace. The complexities of the supply chain, and of the financial markets, mean consumers and firms are driving destruction, often unknowingly: it can be impossible to understand the ecological cost of the constituent parts of products. Without transparency, even those seeking to minimise impact will continue…
ConservationResearch & Think Tanks
31 July 2018

Foundation for Common Land

Half our countryside was once Common Land – privately owned land over which people have rights of use, mostly to graze livestock. Today just 3% of England is Common Land, yet these areas have immense importance to those who use them, to the wider public and to our landscape and heritage.  Common Land makes up large sections of our most…
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20 June 2018

Red Squirrel South West

Red Squirrel South West has been formed by a group of wildlife conservationists, and aims to restore red squirrels to the south west of England. It is working to develop existing populations and create new red squirrel sites, and to grow this network until they meet up and the species, now threatened with extinction, is fully restored to the south…