We’ve been lucky enough to work with Abbeyfield homes on several occasions and in several locations (including at Esk Moors and Ilkeley ), to support them as secure funding for residential care homes. It is great, therefore, to be working with Abbeyfield Ballachulish once more as they plan for the future.

Abbeyfield homes like these play a vital role in communities, ensuring people can live well and independently. The Abbeyfield Society describes their aims as follows:

It is our mission to enhance the quality of life for older people through high quality accommodation in a stimulating environment to maintain a socially active life… Our homes are closely linked to their community to enhance not only the lives of our residents, but older people living locally. From trips to the seaside to festivities throughout Christmas, Abbeyfield’s connection to the local community provides events that all older people can enjoy.

Abbeyfield homes likes that at Ballachulish ensure people can remain in their communities as they age, enjoying a dignified and active life. Abbeyfield Ballachulish provides residential, nursing, private and day care for people in the community who need it.

Residential care homes are often funded on fundraising appeals, but also find that – as local need and populations change – they need to undertake major developments. Fundraising in the area of residential care is often complex, involving government funding, private funding and finance. Well managed, however, appeals offer homes the opporutnity to develop and grow to meet demand. As one Abbeyfield client told us:

Country folk, in particular, prefer to stay put if they can