Tarnside worked with Abbeyfield Ilkley on a successful capital appeal to build a new integrated care home. Capital appeals are a tough challenge for charities, usually requiring new prospects and new skills. Tarnside has worked on several capital appeals for Abbeyfield, and was delighted to support this ambitious capital appeal in Ilkley.

The following is a brief Case Study looking at the capital appeal and how consultancy support contributed to its success.

Networking and “the law of the vital few”

We are all living longer, with increased frailty and dependency. Abbeyfield UK embarked on a national programme of integrated care, to reduce the need for people in its houses to move when their care needs could no longer be met. Abbeyfield Ilkley’s proposal was one of those selected and its steering committee faced the need to raise £8.85 million via a capital appeal.

Tarnside provided know-how, co-ordination and control of the fundraising project. Networking is at the heart of good fundraising but it must be based on a sound strategy. Abbeyfield Ilkley’s team learned to aim for maximum returns from the minimum sources and to have high expectations based on valid research. Partnership aligned their local approaches with Abbeyfield UK’s national ones. Clear rules and multi-level contact points increased effectiveness.

With some prospects held in reserve for the final stages of the appeal, in 4½ years the capital appeal raised £8.9M and buildings for the new project were going up.

Tarnside works with many charities seeking support prior to an appeal, through Feasibility Review work or through a Capital Appeal Workshop. If you would like to discuss any aspect of an upcoming appeal, please do get straight in touch.