DisabilityYoung People & Learning
11 November 2017

Avalon School

Avalon School plans to create a new Hydrotherapy Pool, providing a vital, life-changing resource for young people at the school and disabled people within the local community. There is no such facility nearby, and the pool and facilities would have an enormous impact on its pupils, who have significant physical and sensory impairments. Tarnside is working alongside the school to…
6 November 2017

Hearing Dogs for Deaf People

Hearing Dogs for Deaf People trains dogs to support people who can't hear. Their trained dogs can bring confidence and companionship, help people lead independent lives, and alert their owners to danger. The support of trained dogs can be life-changing. Tarnside worked with the charity to understand its supporter base and plan for better future fundraising, ensuring Hearing Dogs for…
31 July 2017

Finchale Training College

A better world beyond the horizon It’s one thing to have a comprehensive development plan for expansion, but quite another to recognise your cause’s true potential. When Tarnside conducted a fundraising feasibility study with Finchale Training College, the process highlighted Finchale’s unique offering and the opportunity to reposition itself in the marketplace. A complete shift in thinking about the role…
31 July 2016

Lake District Calvert Trust

Kites fly the very highest against the wind When the global financial crisis blew up a storm, The Lake District Calvert Trust (LDCT)’s £1.6m appeal for new and improved facilities took a catastrophic nosedive. With Tarnside’s guidance, LDCT radically revised its vision and strategy, doubled its appeal target, and focused on specific statutory funds alongside charitable trusts. Carefully researched contacts…